HR Check-Ups & Assessments

HR health

OBJECTIVEHR will commend you for what you are doing well and will give you guidance where you need to take action. This process helps you to mitigate potential risks to your business and your people.

OBJECTIVEHR supports the workplace by providing various services and by putting it’s knowledge and experience to the help of the employers and employees alike.

OBJECTIVEHR provides HR check-ups and assessments. These include amongst others, consultancy services in identifying flaws and difficulties in the HR systems and practices and suggestions as to remedies. We also provide services relative to employment policies, workplace investigations, one to one consult meetings, in-house training and much more. OBJECTIVEHR checks on whether your policies are in place, on whether you have the right HR structure, on whether your disciplinary practices are in place. We place HR high on your agenda for a healthier working environment, reducing claims’ risks and making your business more cost-efficient.

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