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OBJECTIVEHR is set to aid and prepare HR Managers/Executives, Trade Union officials, employers and employees, as well as any other person interested in Human Resources. To this effect, OBJECTIVEHR has in the past offered a mix of full-day and half-day training seminars.

These seminars were held between February & June 2014. Full & Half Day seminars were organised at Corinthia Hotel St.George’s Bay.The full day seminars were also addressed by foreign experts. A certificate of participation was given to those who attended ALL seminars.


14th March 2014 (14:00 to 17:00hrs)

This is a half day conference is designed to give an overview of the legal and other issues surrounding dismissals in the workplace. This would benefit all those who employ or are in employment. The seminar will attempt to provide an in-depth understanding of the legal issues surrounding dismissal, including constructive dismissal, examine the fair reasons for dismissal and create awareness of the common pitfalls and potential unfair dismissal claims to be avoided. The Seminar will also discuss the practical process in offering a fair process to employees prior to their dismissal.

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25th April 2014 (14:00 to 17:00hrs)

This half day seminar is designed to provide employers and HR practitioners as well as employees with the practical knowledge of how to deal with grievances, disciplinary procedures and risk of dismissal. The seminar provides attendees with a thorough understanding of the legal issues and gives practical guidance on how to handle each process effectively and fairly. Topics such as the frameworks of these processes, the transparent structures required in dealing with difficulties that may arise, a guide you on how to handle complex cases, advice on how to apply and organise grievance and disciplinary procedures and practical advice on how to avoid commonly-made mistakes will be discussed.

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20th June 2014 (14:00 to 17:00hrs)

A half-day conference on one of the hottest issues in employment law. We aim to provide a basic guide to the key features of discrimination law and its application in the workplace. Based on the local employment legislation and on the Equality Law of 2002, the seminar will deal with issues such as the key elements of discrimination, the different types of discrimination at the workplace, and sexual harassment in particular, the legal claim of discrimination and how it differs from other types of claims, including injury to feelings and the way compensation is assessed.

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