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OBJECTIVEHR is set to aid and prepare HR Managers/Executives, Trade Union officials, employers and employees, as well as any other person interested in Human Resources. To this effect, OBJECTIVEHR has in the past offered a mix of full-day and half-day training seminars.

These seminars were held between February & June 2014. Full & Half Day seminars were organised at Corinthia Hotel St.George’s Bay.The full day seminars were also addressed by foreign experts. A certificate of participation was given to those who attended ALL seminars.

WORKPLACE MEDIATION – the way forward  (FD001/14)    

20th February 2014 (8:30 to 17:00hrs)

This one day course provides a practical overview on the introduction and implementation of workplace mediation in Malta. The final Report on the Judicial Reform in Malta by the Judge Giovanni Bonello Commission suggests that mediation procedures should be introduced for Industrial Tribunal sittings. This one day seminar will focus on the success of workplace mediation in the UK, the advantages of having a structured workplace mediation set-up in place, and how employers and employees should think of introducing workplace mediation as a viable, more expedient and less costly procedure in cases of disputes. The main guest speaker will be Ranse Howell, from the UK – who has more than 20 years of experience in workplace mediation. Following this event you should possess some very basic skills of mediation which will be an added asset in your HR capabilities.

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23rd May 2014 (8:30 to 17:00hrs)

This one day course provides practical advice on how to implement and manage employees through restructuring models, how to deal with grievances lodged by employees and how to avoid litigation in dismissal procedures. Many organisations, at some time or other, undergo periods of review and change which can have dramatic legal implications that need to be considered and assessed. This one day course focuses on the challenges faced when restructuring is required in the workplace with practical advice on how to overcome legal complexities. The main guest speaker will be Jon Taylor, a UK employment litigation lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, as well as other most notable local speakers, all experts in the field. Following this event, you should have better knowledge of the rights and duties of the employer and employee alike which should help avoid potential claims’ risks for employers whilst providing a deeper insight into rights of employees.

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