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Gejtu Vella and Ian Spiteri Bailey, have joined together to bring you these four Consult Meetings, which will be held in the following months. These consult meetings will not be lectures, they will be animated by Ian Spiteri Bailey and Gejtu Vella and they will provide a base and topic for discussion between 10 to 12 professionals who will share their personal experiences in their particular field of work.

These Consult Meetings will take place at OBJECTIVE HR offices at 158, Merchants Street, Valletta.

Should you be interested in booking, kindly do so at your earliest due to the limited number of places available.

For booking kindly call on 21228439, 79475778 or 79478083 or send an email on info@objectivehr.com.mt or info@peopleatwork.com.mt

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Gejtu Vella

Backed with more than twenty years of hands on experience in conducting and participating in industrial relations, Gejtu Vella climbed the trade union career ladder between 1987 and 1998 from shop-floor union delegate in one of the leading hotels to the senior post of the union. Gejtu Vella was appointed secretary-general of the second largest union during the UHM General Conference in April 1998.

Gejtu Vella relinquished his post at the Malta Workers Union (UHM) during the XXXI General Conference held on the 21st October 2011 after thirteen years at the helm of the Union. Soon after, Gejtu Vella was conferred with the prestigious honour becoming a Member of the Order of Merit of Malta for his contribution during his term in office at the UHM.

Gejtu Vella’s vast experience in industrial relations meant that he dealt with numerous Collective Agreement discussions, participated in several mediation and conciliation meetings with Management and fought various employment and industrial litigation issues. He is today Director of People at Work and provides employment and industrial relations consultancy services.

Ian Spiteri Bailey

Director of OBJECTIVEHR, Ian Spiteri Bailey graduated in Law from the University of Malta in 1992 and joined the Bar in 1993. He furthered his studies in EU Employment Legislation at the University of Leicester, graduating in 2004. For the past twenty-one years, Ian established a wide practice in employment law and industrial relations. Ian is a qualified Workplace Mediator and is accredited to the leading London based Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

Ian designs and delivers lectures in Employment Law and Industrial Relations and also supervises and examines students for LL.D. at the University of Malta and supervises and examines students’ thesis on employment law and/or industrial relations for their doctorate in Law.

As legal advisor to a number of trade unions as well as large and medium sized employers, Ian has over the years acquired experience in all aspects of issues relating to employment and industrial relations. He has assisted in numerous employment litigation issues before the Courts or Tribunals and assisted in conciliation meetings before the Director of Labour. He today also practices employment mediation.

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