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Consult Meetings

Gejtu Vella and Ian Spiteri Bailey, have joined together to bring you these four Consult Meetings, which will be held in the following months. These consult meetings will not be lectures, they will be animated by Ian Spiteri Bailey and Gejtu Vella and they will provide a base and topic for discussion between 10 to 12 professionals who will share their personal experiences in their particular field of work.


Consult Meetings

These Consult Meetings will take place at OBJECTIVE HR offices at 158, Merchants Street, Valletta.

Should you be interested in booking, kindly do so at your earliest due to the limited number of places available.

For booking kindly call on 21228439, 79475778 or 79478083 or send an email on info@objectivehr.com.mt  or info@peopleatwork.com.mt

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