Ad Hoc HR Services

We are with you all the wayOBJECTIVEHR offers ad hoc HR services, to employers, HR managers and executives, general managers, Union representatives,employers and employees. We promise a professional service which allows flexibility to pay as you go. We also promise a practical and common sense approach towards enhancing a healthier employment and industrial relations relationship. The ad hoc service is suitable for micro-businesses and start-ups as much as for large established firms and companies.
OBJECTIVEHR offers an equally professional and practical approach-based service on a retained support basis, whereby larger companies, main trade unions and employer’ associations may wish to engage OBJECTIVEHR as an outsourced arm of support to their HR Departments.

OBJECTIVEHR also provides professional people to conduct internal investigations into alleged cases of wrong-doings by employees, including alleged sexual harassment, alleged bullying, alleged victimization and another other allegation of wrong-doing which if resulting, may lead to disciplinary procedures.

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