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OBJECTIVEHR is here for you, whether you are the employer or the employee, an HR Manager/Executive or a Trade Union representative, a student or an accountant, whether you own a family business or whether you form part of a large organisation. OBJECTIVEHR endeavours to provide a complete and holistic HR service. Not the traditional, conventional way, but the modern, innovative way.

OBJECTIVEHR does not only help in the customary recruitment services, or the habitual occupational health and safety issues, but is far more reaching and much more innovative. It offers WORKPLACE MEDIATION services and other workplace alternative dispute resolution processes. CONTINUOUS EDUCATION on workplace related issues, HR, Employment law and industrial relations. It provides employers with HR ASSESSMENTS AND CHECK-UPS and offers HR related services, such as assistance in ORGANISATIONAL EVALUATIONS, AD HOC HR SERVICES, and assistance in specific HR SOLUTIONS PROJECTS.

OBJECTIVEHR is here for you. OBJECTIVEHR is here to provide the professional HR support you need, in order to help you create the right work place, a healthy workplace, for the benefit of the employer and employee alike.

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