Mediation at the Workplace

OBJECTIVEHR has a panel of qualified mediators, all trained in workplace mediation. Some are qualified mediators accredited to the London based Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), others to Canadian Mediators’ Institutes and others accredited to the Malta Mediation Centre.
The members of the panel come from all walks of life and various employment environments, amongst which, ex-trade-union officials, HR Managers, lecturers, Industrial Tribunal chairpersons and lawyers. A mix of backgrounds well placed to assist in delivering employment related mediation. Their work life experience coupled with their training is the guarantee for a confidential, impartial, fair and successful workplace mediation.
Our mediators do not impose a solution or make judgement on the issues/disputes in question – they will endeavor to help you settle your differences on your own terms.

Our mediators will offer a service in all kinds of disputes. Mediation is especially suitable to maintain employment relationships, and thus the importance of identifying the problem at an early stage and mediating early. But our mediators will also provide an impeccable service in mediating with the aim of avoiding litigation. All statutory time-limits will be respected.
During mediation with our mediators, parties can be assisted, but this has to be made known beforehand to the mediator and the other party. Our mediators will help and guide the parties to a settlement, with the aim that such settlement will be binding on the parties. If an agreement cannot be reached, the parties remain free to seek any other redress, such as legal procedures, but the mediation process will remain a ‘without prejudice’ and a confidential process.

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