OBJECTIVEHR provides a comprehensive HR service. Founded in January 2014, OBJECTIVEHR aims to deliver and guide organizations, business, firms, companies and individuals to achieve success in all aspects of their business and/or profession as it relates to the field of Human Resources & Industrial Relations. OBJECTIVEHR brings along twenty years of extensive experience and professional knowledge of the key elements that drive success as it relates to all Human Resource and Industrial Relations activities of any organisation as experienced by its Director, Ian Spiteri Bailey. The core pillars/activities are :

* Training, Learning & Development for HR Managers/Executives, Unions, Directors, SMEs, Accountants, Lawyers, Business Professionals etc
* Alternative Dispute Resolution, with particular reference to workplace mediation and arbitration
* HR Check-Ups and Assessments which organisations may from time to time need
* Specific HR Solutions to individual and collective issues, to small as well as larger business organisations
* Ad Hoc General & Retained Support to employers and employees alike, or their organisations
* Organisational Evaluation, particularly in restructuring or merger processes.

Enjoy your visit through this WEBSITE or alternatively PHONE 21228439 or 7957 1111 or email ian@objectivehr.com.mt for an appointment. We are here to help. Above all, keep an eye on the various events organized from time to time. You may book your participation on line, taking full advantage of the offers since places may be limited.


Director of OBJECTIVEHR, Ian Spiteri Bailey graduated in Law from the University of Malta in 1992 and joined the Bar in 1993. He furthered his studies in EU Employment Legislation at the University of Leicester, graduating in 2004. For the past twenty years, Ian established a wide practice in employment law and industrial relations. Ian is a qualified Workplace Mediator and is accredited to the leading London based Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

Ian designs and delivers lectures in Employment Law and Industrial Relations and also supervises and examines students for LL.D. at the University of Malta and supervises and examines students’ thesis on employment law and/or industrial relations for their doctorate in Law.

Ian has practised employment and industrial relations law for 20 years. He now feels he should go one step further – that of placing his knowledge and experience to the benefit of others in the HR. HR is all about our everyday life. Most people at work spend more time at their workplace than at home. Good HR qualities, good set-ups, right policies and trust will all help create this right environment. OBJECTIVEHR, with the help of other professionals, will endeavour to see healthy industrial relations and better workplaces.

Natalino Caruana De Brincat has successfully completed the Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) degree at the University of Malta. He also holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree together with a Diploma Notary Public awarded by the same University of Malta, whilst is in possession of Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Leicester. He was appointed deputy chairperson of the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC). He is a founding member of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. At present, he is currently reading a Ph.D. degree with the University of Malta.

Natalino is a committed HRM believer and his motto is “employees are the most important asset to the success of any organisation”. He is a decisive and forceful self-starter. Being of a competitive nature, Natalino prefers a situation where he has freedom to act. He will always look for a quick optimum result which is for the benefit of the majority. His project and time management skills are tools which help him in frenzied periods. He is likely to influence others positively by his force of character, however with positive attitude.

Natalino is also a Lecturer in the Private International Law and Administrative Law at the University of Malta.

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