OBJECTIVEHR has a panel of dedicated conciliators, all with vast experience in workplace conciliations and employment and industrial relations matters. Conciliation is especially suitable to maintain employment relationships, and thus the importance of identifying the problem at an early stage and going to conciliation early.

During conciliation meetings, parties can be assisted, but this has to be made known beforehand to the conciliator and the other party. Conciliation could help you and your employer settle a problem at work without making a claim to an Industrial Tribunal and is also a voluntary process. The conciliator has no power to impose a solution, so it is worth trying to resolve matters through conciliation. The conciliator will act as a facilitator by maintaining the two way flow of information between the conflicting parties and encouraging a rapprochement between their antagonistic positions.

The conciliator does not make a judgement nor suggest a solution but works with the parties to find an acceptable outcome for both. Conciliation is faster and less distressing than going to a hearing and gives both parties greater control over the outcome. The conciliator is impartial and independent and your discussions are kept confidential.


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