OBJECTIVEHR has a panel of independent, impartial and qualified arbitrators – ready to help you out in settling disputes through the process of arbitration.

The arbitrator will  hear the case, evidence and submissions presented by each party and will then pass on to give a ruling on the issue/dispute, which will be binding on the parties. By committing to arbitration, which remains voluntary, the parties give authority to the arbitrator to impose a settlement on them.

Arbitration is an alternative to a court of law or tribunal, less legalistic, faster and less costly, conducted in private rather than in public. Employers and employees alike, facing issues and disputes of discrimination or harassment, who would want to keep such issues private – have the solution – OBJECTIVEHR is there to help you.

Arbitration is a vehicle towards dispute resolution, used not only by individual employers or employees, but also in collective employment disputes, such as collective agreement interpretation of clauses. To this effect, OBJECTIVEHR offers services in industrial arbitration, procedural arbitration as well as individual arbitration.

Arbitration procedures organised by OBJECTIVEHR are held at its offices in Valletta. Each party will be free to bring such representatives, advisers and witnesses as are necessary, and the arbitrator will be free to determine the best course of conduct for the process. An arbitration agreement is agreed to prior to the commencement of the procedures. Such agreement will cover preliminary issues, such as terms of reference, costs, date and time of sittings, statement of cases etc.


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