NEW RULES ON MINIMUM WAGE (as per legal notice 144 of 2017)


Employees on a minimum wage will, upon completion of the first year of employment with the same employer, be entitled to mandatory increases of €3 per week in the second year of employment, and upon completion of the second year, to an additional €3 per week. 

Employees earning more than the basic minimum wage will still be entitled to the portion of the increases during the second and third year of employment. This will place such employees on the minimum established wage for the second and third year of employment.

For existing employees on the minimum wage who have been with the same employer for more than a year, after the agreement was signed (28th April 2017) as on the date of signing of this agreement, this measure will be introduced as follows:

  • with effect from 1st January 2017: up to a maximum of €3 per week adjustment.
  • in 2018: up to a maximum of €3 per week adjustment.
  • in 2019: the balance to reach an increase of €6 in the minimum wage provided that the employee will have been in employment with the same employer for three years o  more.

This increase will affect employees whose weekly income is between €169.76 and €175.76. However, the €6 will be given on pro-rata basis depending on the employee’s weekly wage.

The national minimum wage of part-time employees shall be calculated pro rata at the same hourly rate of a comparable whole-time employee in accordance with the relevant Wage Regulation Order (WRO). In cases where a WRO is not applicable, the pro rata is calculated using the weekly National Minimum Wage applicable for a comparable whole-time employee, divided by forty.

Kindly note as well that part-time employees, whether they work regular or irregular hours, are also entitled to the mandatory increase in the national minimum wage on a pro rata basis and in the same methodology explained above.

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