Objective HR welcomes on board Natalino Caruana De Brincat.

Objective HR welcomes on board as part of its team Dr Natalino Caruana De Brincat.

Natalino successfully completed the Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) degree at the University of Malta. He also holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree together with a Diploma Notary Public awarded by the same University of Malta, whilst is in possession of Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Leicester. He was appointed deputy chairperson of the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC). He is a founding member of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. At present, he is currently reading a Ph.D. degree with the University of Malta.

Natalino is a committed HRM believer and his motto is “employees are the most important asset to the success of any organisation”. He is a decisive and forceful self-starter. Being of a competitive nature, Natalino prefers a situation where he has freedom to act. He will always look for a quick optimum result which is for the benefit of the majority. His project and time management skills are tools which help him in frenzied periods. He is likely to influence others positively by his force of character, however with positive attitude.

Natalino is also a Lecturer in the Private International Law and Administrative Law at the University of Malta.

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